DATE 11/20/91

(Re-typed  for website by Jim Hartsell 12/17/05.  See association manager for official copy.)


WHEREAS, the undersigned, constituting a majority of the Board of Directors of the Sunset Oaks Homeowners Association, are responsible for administering, maintaining and enforcing the Rules, Regulations and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) pertaining to the Association.


WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has the responsibility and authority under Article VII, Section 7.1 and Article VIII, Section 8.4 to establish rules and regulations for parking of vehicles on the Sunset Oaks property; and


WHEREAS, in addition to all other requirements for parking in unallocated parking spaces in the common area, any protective vehicle cover not an original part of the vehicle shall meet all the following criteria.


NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that vehicle covers shall be of a commercial manufacture for that purpose; and shall


1. Be a subdued color that reasonably blends with the surroundings, and


2. Be fitted, installed and secured so as to prevent undue sagging and flapping in the wind, and


3. Be maintained in good condition at all times, and


4. Be suitably marked with the vehicle’s license number in easily readable characters three to four inches high when viewed from the vehicle rear, and


5. Be suitably marked when viewed from the front whenever parked in an off-street parking place with the owner’s Sunset Oaks parking permit number.


Original signed by members of the Board of Directors:


Harriet B. Rowe

Herbert Basescu

Mary Ann Young

Carol R. Jason


Edward J. Fox

Andrew W. Hinman

C. LiPuma

Eugene W. Gilman

Walter Bays