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Posted on October 12, 2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
7:00 PM

Meeting Agenda

If enough ballots are received by meeting time (123), the Inspectors of Election
will count the ballots during the open meeting. Otherwise, the ballot counting will be held at the November monthly meeting.

Open Forum/Homeowner Comments (Limited to three (3) minutes)

I Call to Order (Absentees Noted)
II Report of Unsafe Conditions
III Approval of Minutes – September 19, 2018
(Results of August Executive Session, if applicable)

IV Manager’s Report
a. Monthly Status
b. Update on Maintenance/Landscape Activities
c. Action List Review

V Parking/Towing Report September/October 2018

VI Financial Report – N. A. Shade & Associates
a. September 2018 – approval required, as available

VII Architectural Control Committee
a. Status Report/Walkthrough Reports - none submitted
b. ACC Alteration Requests - none submitted

VIII Old/Unfinished Business:
a. Association Record Retention Policy

IX New Business:
a. 2019 Budget Preparation
b. Lien Authorization for APN# 18-12433
c. 2019 Reserve Study
d. City Required (2) new backflow installations
1. 1221 Picasso Drive - Cost of $6.800.00
2. 642-662 Picasso Terrace - Cost of $7,400.00 or $7,800.00
depending on whether it is a one-inch or two-inch line

X Correspondence/Email to Board of Directors

XI Announcements:

XII Adjournment: (Time noted)

An Executive Session will follow the regular meeting to discuss legal issues, third party contracts,
delinquencies, personnel, collections, liens, foreclosure, or any harassment/discrimination reported claims actions.