Jim's Custom Hit Count Reports


The links below are for monthly easy-to-read hit-count reports for www.sunsetoaks.org pages. They are an alternative to the "Status Report" -> "Web Activity Report" -> "Total Transfers By File" provided by Hurricane Electric Internet Services (our website hosting service).

This month's running report

Last month's final report

Previous month's final report

Skipped hits for checked-in webmaster
This shows pages not counted while the webmaster was checked in.

Yesterday's history log
This shows referring pages, which is the page the person was on when going to this website.

Running search log
These are hits from results page of search engines. Shows search string.
Note that the history log above shows ALL referring pages except those from this website.

Does not count webmaster hits, or returns to home page from within the website, or, in most cases, refresh of a counted page.

This program was written by Jim Hartsell, webmaster for Sunset Oaks HOA.
For more information, go to www.jdhartsell.com/hitcount.html