Of Homeowner Association websites, this is the most AUTOMATED we know of.* The webmaster has little to do for day-to-day maintenance, which is mostly done by our Association Manager Kathy Buckley. Custom software running on the web server was written by Sunset Oaks homeowner and volunteer webmaster Jim Hartsell. Through web-page fill-out forms, this software takes care of:
  • Emergency text message alerts to voluntary subscribers, initiated from a mobile device, touchpad, or computer. Volunteer contacts trade off with shared HOA-owned cell phone, where all the residents know the number. (Suspended for lack of interest.)
  • Contractor Reviews page like a mini-Yelp page. People register, sign in, and can add/edit/remove reviews. (Suspended for lack of interest.)
  • Convenient upload of meeting Minutes by the Association Manager, and for specifying Annual, Monthly, or Other Minutes
  • Auto-install of navigation column for uploaded meeting Minutes, and archiving Minutes that are over a certain count
  • Giving Association Manager Change/Move/Delete control of meeting Minutes
  • Giving Association Manager control of how many meeting minutes to show in navigation column for each type
  • Residents adding/deleting themselves to/from the Email Notification List
  • Sending email to the self-maintaining Email Notification List
  • Periodic validation of email addresses in the Email Notification List
  • Updates to the Board of Directors page (by a Director); including hidden email addresses for Input To The Board
  • Posting of Current News
  • Online input to the Board of Directors
  • Update of the Meetings Schedule
  • Filling online Resident/Vehicle Information forms with current information
  • Residents creating their own personal password
Forms submitable online:
  • Resident Information Form
  • Vehicle Information Form
  • Travel/Vacation Notice
  • Architectural Alteration Request
  • Satellite Dish Installation Form
  • Electric Vehicle
Updateable online forms, like Resident/Vehicle Information:
  • Protected by resident-created passwords
  • Pre-filled with current information for easy update
  • On submit, the Association Manager automatically receives an email
  • The email contains a link to display the form for printing and filing
  • On clicking the link, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the resident
Software scheduled on the web server daily (crontab):
  • Process daily log of page hits for custom Hit Count Reports
Other software features:
  • Password access to private pages: resident's password or HOA password
  • Overall website sign-in for access to private pages
  • Printer-friendly links
  • Automatic email to webmaster for maintenance issues
This website is hosted by Hurricane Electric Internet Services, Fremont, CA, www.he.net. Unix development environment, public_html, cgi-bin, Perl, SSI, FTP, SSH, crontab.

Webmaster Jim Hartsell's specialty is Perl CGI scripts. Web page design is not one of his skills, but since we aren't selling anything, and that this is a reference website, it doesn't matter.

Webmaster Jim Hartsell,
retired HP software engineer,
(Jim's website opens in another window.)

* If you know of another website more automated, please email webmaster@sunsetoaks.org.