Sunset Oaks Townhomes was built by Cal-West Communities, Inc.

Our complex of 245 homes occupies 24.5 acres, with a density of 10 homes/acre.
This works out to 4,356 square feet of land per home (1 acre = 43,560 sq. ft.). Compare that to new townhome complexes being built.

Phase 1 construction is generally the east half of the complex. (Click on "Map of Sunset Oaks" for a map of the complex.) It includes the homes on Michelangelo Drive, homes east of the California Water Service Company land, includes the Clubhouse, homes east of and including 663 Picasso Terrace, Driveway #8, and homes east of and including 666 Picasso Terrace.

This area was completed in 1973, and consists of 108 units. It has silver aluminum window framing and white replacements.

Phase 2 construction is the remaining western half of the complex. It was completed in 1975, and consists of 137 units. It has anodized bronze windows.

Did you know that Picasso Drive is there because the neighborhood on the other side of the creek didn't want us driving through their area?

The mighty oak on the private residence property across from the Clubhouse was cut down on September 11, 2002. The tree was about 300 years old, but was in imminent danger of falling due to rotting and cracking at the base. There is one more oak tree on that property.

As of 1960, it was all orchard in our area between Fremont Avenue and El Camino Real.

The private residence was here when all this was orchard. The door we see from driveway 8 is the back door. The front door is on the other (east) side because before our townhouses were built, the residence's access was from Fremont Ave. It's address was 1506 Fremont Ave. The owner was J. F. Guerrero. His daughter Mary Ann now owns the property. J. F. Guerrero was in the Antarctic before 1972, because a box was shipped from there to "1506 Fremont Ave".

Front of Guerrero home. Photo taken Oct. 2007.

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